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Over the past ten years, Feishang Group has become stronger and stronger by grasping the opportunities offered by the advancement of time. Through continuous exploration and experimentation, the Group has progressively cultivated a set of cultural qualities and principles appropriate for its development. To consolidate, distill and refine these qualities and principles is crucial to the future growth of the Group.

In this great era of the revival of Chinese civilisation, you will easily find a group of outstanding enterprises that serve as the hope of all Chinese people, bearing the grave responsibility of accelerating China’s economic development. Feishang is determined to become one of these remarkable enterprises. We enjoy the glory of the era, and at the same time realise our responsibility. Based on this understanding, the concept of “strengthening and repaying the country with industries” became our mission and our core value.

In order to achieve our goal of “strengthening and repaying the country with industries,” we strive to become an excellent operator and consolidator in the field of specialized industries. It is also the positioning of Feishang Group, which hailed from society and eventually serve society. Our aims are noble, and it is worthy that we spend our whole life to accomplish on Feishang’s career platform. The road to success is difficult. That is why we need to dedicate our best efforts, wisdom and seamless cooperation. In the process, the Feishang culture was fostered. It not only further unites us, but also takes us on a difficult yet beautiful journey.

Capital investment enhances outstanding operation, while outstanding operation increases capital. This is the truth for all modern enterprises which struggle for a long-lasting success. To achieve the best partnership of industrial operation and capital, insightful wisdom and meticulous operation techniques are required. Like the culture of mountain and water advocated by Feishang people, we need to act in accordance with the trend, strictly follow our principles, always strive for excellence, as well as be responsible, practical, open-minded and cautious.

After ten years of operation, Feishang has made certain achievements in the areas such as nonferrous metal production, iron and steel production, transportation and logistics, resource mining as well as forestry. Through hard work and dedication, we aspire to contribute our greatest efforts to society.

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